Université Paris Cité, created in March 2019, is ranked 130th among the world’s universities in the Times Higher Education 2020 ranking. It is thus ranked 3rd among French universities and 4th among French institutions.

The entry of Université Paris Cité into this ranking based on reputation elements such as teaching, research, the influence of research, international perspectives or the transfer of knowledge to industry is a positive and encouraging factor just six months after its creation.

“This first ranking of Université Paris Cité, starting in 2019, is important and contributes to the immediate international visibility and attractiveness of this new university. It also encourages us to improve our indicators for Université Paris Cité and the visibility of our brand to improve our positioning in the rankings. “says Christine Clerici, President of Université Paris Cité.

In 2018, only Paris Diderot University was ranked 194th in the world. Such an increase is quite unique in the French university merger landscape and is explained by the multidisciplinary nature of the founding universities. It is the additional effect of their scientific productions and the rate of citation of Université Paris Cité in international publications that explains this positioning from its creation.

“Université Paris Cité should continue to make progress in the THE ranking in the years to come. The methodology used, based on the reputation of the institutions, suggests that there is a possibility of progress in relation to the attractiveness potential of Université Paris Cité. “says Christine Clerici.