Visiting PhD students

Any foreign PhD student who is not registered at Université de Paris but is admitted to one of our 142 laboratories to carry out a research stay on the basis of own funding is considered as a “visiting Phd student” (institution/grant by origin country, grant by an outside organization, etc.).

The International Relations and Strategy office accompanies the «visiting PhD students» in the preparation of their stay at University of Paris. It provides administrative and logistical support in their administrative process, particularly consular and prefectural procedures for non-European nationals, and in their search for housing.

Pratical Information

For Visiting PhD Students

Foreign PhD, welcomed as a «visiting PhD» at Université de Paris

The « visiting PhD » is requested to follow the procedure on line and send to the International Relations and Strategy office the form  received along with the listed documents below with a minimum of 2 months before the date of expected arrival:

  • a copy of your passport
  • a C.V /resumé.
  • a letter of invitation from the welcoming laboratory director at Université de Paris mentioning the exact dates of the stay and the title of the research project.
  • a  financial certificate mentioning  the coverage of expenses (e.g. notification of grant award)
  • the scientific agreement duly completed and signed by the “visiting PhD student”, the home institution and the director of the host laboratory at the University of Paris in 4 original copies. The parts in red are to be adapted according to each situation.
  • a medical insurance certificate
  • a certificate of repatriation insurance
  • a certificate of civil liability insurance
  • proof of registration as a doctoral student at the home institution (certificate of schooling, copy of student card, etc.).
  • a certificate of honor of non-registration for a thesis in France during the stay.

Note :

The documents may be sent by e-mail, except for the original scientific conventions which must be sent by postal mail to the International Relations and Strategy office. Only documents in French and/or English are accepted and any translation must be accompanied by the original document.

Non-European nationals are invited to contact the French consular office closest to their home to find out how to enter France. In the event that they require a scientific visa, the Strategy and International Relations office will issue them the hosting agreement necessary for their request, provided that they have received the requested documents within the prescribed period.

The host convention allows applicants to apply for a scientific visa from their country of origin or residence.

The scientific convention, on the other hand, makes it possible to define the reception arrangements at University of Paris. It deals in particular with matters relating to intellectual property law and confidentiality. It is compulsory for all: European and non-European. In the event that the home institution wishes to make changes, the “Visiting PhD Student” is invited to approach the Strategy and International Relations office before signing.



For Hosts

Useful Documents to download

Online Procedure

To teach or carry out a research stay on the Grands Moulins campus, Pajol, Villemin, Bichat or Garancière sites:

  • activate an account (password at least 8 characters required including number, letter, special character – activation is effective upon receipt of  email confirmation)
  • scan your identity card or your Passport (format pdf) and photo identity (format jpeg)
  • imput the application on line
  • download the form (format pdf) and send it to the Strategy and International Relations office

To conduct a research stay on other sites and campuses: contact the International Relations and Strategy office.

Registration Deadline

2 months before arrival

International Relations and Strategy Office

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