DU in Advanced Methods in Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (AMSRMA)

Language(s) of instruction: English

Length of study: three consecutive weeks in November (examinations early January)

Course Location: Université Paris Cité, France

Degrees awarded: “DU” (diplôme universitaire), short degree

Entry Requirements:

To apply, you will have to create an account on C@nditOnline. Applications are usually open from June to late October. Please contact the coordinator if you need assistance. Target audience: health researchers, health professionals, candidates deemed able by the director of teaching and authorised by the educational council to follow the teaching.

Language pre-requisites: A good level of English is required, B2/C1.

Course overview

This short course is a wonderful opportunity taught by renowned European lecturers. It teaches students to read, to critically evaluate systematic reviews, complex meta-analyses, and how to design their own complex systematic reviews. This is all achieved in just three weeks.

You will be joining our second-year Master’s (Comparative Effectiveness Research) for three modules, one per week, for three consecutive weeks, from Monday to Friday. You will attend presentations and prepare your own in groups. This is a great way to actively learn and share knowledge.

Skills and competencies developed

Learners will be able to:

Define what the meta-analyses of diagnostic and prognostic tests are, and what the meta-analyses on individual data are :

  • Understand their specificities compared to traditional systematic reviews;
  • Critically assess these types of complex reviews;
  • Define what a network meta-analysis is;
  • Understand the specificities of network meta-analyses compared to traditional systematic reviews;
  • Critically evaluate this type of complex review.

The admissions procedures may differ according to your status.

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Ms. Léa Sicard, Administrative and pedagogical coordinator