Equality Mission

The principles of equality advocated by the European Charter for Researchers are at the very heart of the founding text of Université Paris Cité, which mentions in its preamble the fundamentals of its social pact, including “the promotion of professional equality between women and men for all its staff and students” and “the full integration of staff and students with disabilities”, particularly in terms of accessibility.

The university’s statutes provide that the president establishes a mission fostering equality between women and men, whose membership is proposed by the academic senate. The objective is to define the guidelines for an equality policy which will be proposed to the authorities, as well as to promote, coordinate and strengthen actions in favor of equalities that concern staff and students.

The Equality mission aims to build on the previous achievements of the two founding institutions of Université Paris Cité, in order to maintain the progress already made:

  • Raise awareness and train university staff (in particular, members of the CT and CHSCT, prevention assistants, management of components, research units, doctoral schools, and services) on equality and diversity in terms of career development and work-life balance ;
  • Participate in developing the professional equality plan requested by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation for the beginning of 2021 ;
  • Raise awareness among students (including doctoral students), and in particular their associations, about equality and the refusal of all discrimination ;
  • Propose a reception system for victims of harassment (in application of the ministerial circular of March 9, 2018)

It is also called upon to lead an Equality Network of the Sorbonne Paris Cité Alliance, which brings together the equality officers of member institutions.

The Equality Mission monitors the actions implemented, analyses their impacts and, if necessary, proposes adjustments to Université Paris Cité authorities.
The actions are reported back annually, along with data on the indicators set within the framework of IdEx funding.

Its role is to collect numerous gender-specific data relating to staff and students (e.g. career development, salary, enrolment channels, success rates) and to support research and teaching in these areas (gender, professional integration of individuals with disabilities, etc.).


The Equality Mission works in close collaboration with several university departments including :

  • Human Resources and Organizations Department, to develop awareness-raising and training activities for staff, to establish a collection of gendered data, and to ensure compliance by Université Paris Cité with the HRS4R label application requirements ;
  • Department of Studies, Training and Pedagogical Innovation, to collect gendered data related to enrolment, diplomas, incoming and outgoing mobility, disseminate information, and collaborate with the Observatory of Student Life ;
  • Campus Life Department, to implement awareness-raising actions with student associations, ensure compliance with an equality charter, disseminate information, and collaborate with the Relais Handicap ;
  • Research department, to develop awareness-raising activities for doctoral students ;
  • Communication Department to promote the mission’s actions.




Fighting against sexual harassment

Consult the guide Fighting against sexual harassment which aims to inform the university community about sexual harassment situations and the existing mechanisms to prevent them, deal with them and support the victims.

Women Safe-ISG listening and support system

Université Paris Cité has set up an outsourced listening and support system with Women Safe – Institute of Reproductive Health (ISG), an international centre for the treatment of violence against women.

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