Gap period

A ‘césure’ is a gap period which allows you to temporarily interrupt or suspend your studies in order to acquire professional or personal experience.

During the gap period, the student retains his or her student status and rights.
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Who is the gap period for?

For future students as well as students enrolled in Bachelors, Masters or PhD programmes.
The gap period is not available to vocational trainees.

How long does a gap period usually last?

It can last either a university year or a semester. 

Each cycle of studies entitles the right to a single gap period. It may begin as soon as the student is enrolled and shall end before the last semester of the course starts at the latest, regardless of the length of the cycle

What is the purpose of the gap period?

The gap period allows students or future students to get involved in a project. During this time they develop personal or professional skills that may be useful for their studies and/or their future career.

Moreover, it allows them to get in touch with their inner selves and become more mature. It helps students and future students to develop greater self-confidence.

What are the different types of gap period projects?

Gap period projects, whether they take place in France or abroad, can be for the following:

  • a course in a different field than the one the student originally enrolled on
  • an experience in a professional environment
  • a committment to civic service, community service or volunteering
  • an entrepreneurship project as a student entrepreneur.
How and when to apply to the gap period ?

The terms and conditions of application, the timetable and the procedure for submitting applications can be consulted here

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