Master in environmental sustainability law and policies

Language(s) of instruction: English

Length of study: 2 years, full time

Partner: Sorbonne Université Abu Dhabi

Course Location: Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Degrees awarded: Master in Environmental sustainability Law and Policies

Entry Requirements: A bachelor in the relevant field of study

Language pre-requisites: Good level in English (TOEFL score of 550, 213 CBT, 79-80 iBT or an IELTS score of 6.0 valid for at least two years)


Course overview

Every country must now achieve economic prosperity by creating blueprints for sustainability that clearly defines environmental, social and economic goals. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s students develop detailed analytical skills to scrutinise the environmental impact of global business and socio-economic forces. They are also encouraged to actively participate in projects and workshops, and maintain constant dialogue with faculty and regional or international experts to explore the most effective strategies to respond to various sustainability challenges in the UAE, GCC and on the international level.

The Master in Environmental Sustainability Law and Policies equips students with the necessary tools to understand adapted regulatory frameworks in the business administration of sustainable development. It provides an inter-disciplinary study program that meets the knowledge requirements of students interested in careers in environmental law, and environmental policy and management.

Throughout this degree program, future leaders in environmental sustainability have the opportunity to maximise their skills and career potential to complement the UAE’s rapid and ambitious progress.

Skills and competencies developed
  • Analytical skills related to the environmental impact of global business and socio-economic forces
  • Participation in projects and workshops
  • Maintain ongoing dialogue with faculty, regional or international experts
  • Explore the most effective strategies to respond to sustainability challenges in the UAE, GCC and internationally
  • Maximisation of skills and career potential, to complement the United Arab Emirates’ ambitious progress

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