Succeeding at Université de Paris

Graduation Ceremony in the Science department.

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Our tips for success

Live your academic journey to the fullest

Université de Paris offers its students many opportunities: studying abroad, getting involved in an association, following optional courses (‘UE libres’) to discover other disciplines, etc

Be hardworking and determined

Studying at Université de Paris requires autonomy and strong organizational skills. Each student has to do a great deal of individual work every day, even when there are no classes. We recommend that all our students do not neglect the lectures even if there is no attendance control.

Making freedom at university an asset

Université de Paris enables all its students to effectively make use of their free time by learning languages through self-learning, by practicing a sports activity, by becoming a student ambassador, tutor or volunteer, by attending conferences and cultural events offered by the university.


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FAQ : Mobility 2020-2021

FAQ : Mobility 2020-2021

The incoming and outgoing mobility of students, teacher-researchers and administrative staff are included under specific conditions. What steps do you need to take? Students - Outgoing mobility - 2020/2021 Yes, study...