One year after its creation and six months after the merger of its founding institutions, Université de Paris makes its entry in excellent position in the Leiden international rankings and Shanghai’s global ranking of academic subjects.

« We are delighted that Université de Paris enters the rankings in a very good position. This contributes to the visibility of French research and of course to the attractivity of the institution for researchers and students worldwide. In addition, this is an important indicator for steering the institution, particularly in view of the final evaluation of our Idex project. » explains Christine Clerici, President, Université de Paris.

The CTWS Leiden 2020 Rankings is particularly known and based on a transparent methodology. In conformity with research standards, ranked this year 1176 higher education institutions worldwide.

Université de Paris is ranked 1st in France, 5th in Europe and 25th in the world in the top 1% of the most cited publications in their discipline worldwide. An excellent result, which demonstrates both the quality and impact of the scientific production as well as research units.

The university is ranked well in the disciplinary fields within the scope of the rankings, thus demonstrating the quality and multidisciplinarity of its research.

In terms of the number of citations among the 1% of the most cited publications, Université de Paris is at the national level:

1st in Biomedical Sciences

2nd in Mathematics and Computer Science

2nd in Social Sciences and Humanities

3rd in Physics and Engineering Science

8th in Life and Earth Sciences

In addition, Université de Paris is ranked 1st in France and 15th in the world in terms of gender parity among the number of authors published, 2nd in France in the number of documents freely accessible and 2nd in France in the number of documents written in an international collaboration.

In connection with Shanghai’s rankings of academic subjects, in the interim, of the global rankings expected mid august, Université de Paris enters and ranks 7 times in the top 50 worldwide:

12th in Life and Earth Sciences

21st in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science

22nd in Mathematics

24th in Physics

37th in Human Biological Sciences

41st in Clinical Medicine

47th in Dentistry

At the national level, Université de Paris is ranked 1st in dentistry and education sciences, 2nd in numerous academic subjects (clinical medicine, public health, medical technology, pharmacy, biology, human biology, life sciences and earth sciences).


Methodology of the Leiden rankings
The Leiden rankings are based on bibliometric indicators linked to scientific publications. The identification of these are supported by the bibliographic database of the Web of Science, Core Collection produced by Clarivate Analytics and on the enhancements  by scientists of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.
For this year’s rankings, the articles and reviews are based on publications for the period from 2015 to 2018 in international magazines grounded in subject matters. By major themes, the indicators are broken down based on the number of citations amongst 1%, 5%, 10% or 50% of the articles the most cited worldwide. In addition to these indicators related to scientific impact, indicators on collaborations and open science are also available.