At Université Paris Cité, Moodle is our online teaching and learning platform dedicated to online classes, with spaces for each programme with a wide range of tools for distance learning and tutoring.

2022-2023 academic year


The 2022-2023 Moodle platform is accessible on

  • You can also access Moodle with your Université Paris Cité login
  • The course spaces and their contents have been switched (unless I am mistaken)
  • Students are automatically enrolled in their course after completing the pedagogical registration process
  • The other registration methods are available
  • For all new courses listed in Apogée, an access request must be made to:
What is Moodle used for?

Moodle is an online learning platform that enables:

> teachers to access and manage online spaces for tutoring a community of learners around personalised educational content and interactive learning activities, including: 

  • communication activities: discussion forums, surveys, questionnaires, etc.
  • collaborative activities (and creation of groups): wiki, building of glossaries, databases, etc.
  • assessment tools: submitting homework, creating tests (quizzes), etc.

> students to access dedicated spaces for their classes, with educational resources (class materials, videos, etc.) and tools for interacting with their group and their teacher.

Moodle can be used in connection with distance learning or enriched in-person learning. It is a vital tool for ensuring educational continuity, facilitating exchanges between teachers and their students.

Who can access Moodle?

All University staff and students with a Université Paris Cité account can access Moodle. 

Support for teachers and staff on how to use Moodle is provided by the DEFI educational engineers.

In case of issues, contact:

Connection to Moodle

You connect to Moodle with your Université Paris Cité login details.

Activate your U-Paris account

Vidoo : How to connect to Moodle?

Various technical connection issues are currently being resolved. Our technical support team is available to support you in case of any technical challenges.Feel free to reach out to them.

Learning to work with Moodle

On the Moodle homepage, open the “Help” tab for various tutorials to help you discover and learn more about how to use this tool. It includes information on how to locate your classes and find your way around your spaces, how to add or modify content, activities, and create videos with Panopto.

Self-learning Tutorials

Video : Learning how to use the Moodle platform

Moodle self-learning space

Panopto : creating educational videos on Moodle

Other resources :

Summary with all the useful links for distance learning tools

If your class content is not yet displayed in Moodle, complete this form online, which is accessible with your Université Paris Cité login details. We will get back to you within 72h.

IPGP, APHP and staff without a Université Paris Cité account

Teachers who were previously assigned to the ex-Diderot STEP training and research unit (UFR) have an ex-Diderot IT account that they should have activated:

Other teachers must be registered by the Human Resources and Organisation Department in the SIHAM UP app as hosted users to be automatically assigned an ex-Descartes account, activated by default.

All of these users will then be able to activate their Université Paris Cité account and access the Université Paris Cité Moodle. 

Any problems, contact:


FAQ for Professors

Transferring content from previous platforms

For users of previous platforms, forms are available on the Moodle homepage to request for content transfer (materials, videos, etc.). Transfers will be carried out by the educational engineers. 

Vidoo : How can I transfer content from previous platforms ?

Adding audio to your presentations

You can record your comments on your presentations in PowerPoint, then post the file on the Moodle platform.
Keep in mind that the size of your files must not exceed a certain limit, therefore please ensure your recordings are a reasonable length.

Online help for adding audio feature to slideshows

Adding videos with Panopto

You can record videos with the software Panopto

Panopto : creating educational videos for sharing on Moodle

Recording and streaming your classes live

Teachers can record their slideshows, voice, videos and stream their classes live as if they were in-person, while linking them to a live Chat room. These recordings are automatically saved to be shared later if necessary. Recordings are made with the software Panopto.


Ongoing assessments can be maintained remotely with Moodle. Final exams are not applicable.

Assesing students

Adding electronic manuals

From your presentations, you can add links to e-books, electronic journals and databases made available by the Université Paris Cité libraries. The library staff can help you identify the resources available online and incorporate them into your presentations.

Find out more about the resources and contact the library staff

Accessing archives from the previous year
Train to use the educational tools

The educational engineers offer a range of training for teachers and staff enabling them to learn how to use the various tools. To register, you will need to complete the form on Moodle (after signing in).

[Training for teachers and staff] Tools and digital practices for distance learning

Video : How can I register for training for using digital educational tools ?

Contact :

Activate your Université Paris Cité account

Proceed online in only a few clicks !

Your Université Paris Cité account will give you access to Moodle, student email, Mon Dossier Web, ECandidat, etc.

Training courses 

Training courses on digital practices and tool for distance learning (webinar format)

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